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Dr Gnanasekar K

Associate Professor and Head Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics... View Profile

Dr Richard Rajkumar

Associate Professor Thin Films, Experimental Physics And Electronics... View Profile

Dr Stephen Rajkumar Inbanathan

Associate Professor Optics... View Profile

Dr Kavitha Nagarajan

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Israel S

Assistant Professor Charge Density Studies... View Profile

Ms Ruby Subburaj

Assistant Professor Applied Physics... View Profile

Dr Beaula Ruby Kamalam Manueldoss

Assistant Professor Experimental Condensed Matter Physics,Astrophysics... View Profile

Mr Moorthy K

Assistant Professor Applied Physics... View Profile

Dr David Jebaraj

Assistant Professor Electron Spin Resonance... View Profile

Ms Anzline Chellam

Assistant Professor Charge Density Analysis Of Pharmaceutical Compound... View Profile

Mr Bruno Chandrasekar

Assistant Professor Quantum Mechanics... View Profile

Dr Daphine Daniel

Assistant Professor Physics Evaluation Using Computer Aided Testing An... View Profile

Dr Sujanah Paul Pandi Durai

Assistant Professor Low Dimensional Semiconductors... View Profile

Mrs Vani Priyadharshini

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr D.Rachel Malini

Assistant Professor Deposition Of Thin Films By Rf Magnetron Sputterin... View Profile

Dr Rajkumar N

Assistant Professor Applied Physics... View Profile

Ms Hannah Blessy

Assistant Professor Vibrational Spectroscopy, Solar Physics... View Profile

Mr Vijay David

Assistant Professor Charge Density... View Profile

Dr Priya Darzini Trk

Assistant Professor Protein Carbohydrate Interaction Through Molecular... View Profile

Dr Durai Manoharadoss Prabaharan D

Assistant Professor Metal Oxide Nanoparticle... View Profile

Ms Latha L.R

Assistant Professor Applied Physics... View Profile

Dr Priya Merline Gk

Assistant Professor Crystal Growth... View Profile

Ms Sharmila Ruth Ebenezar S

Assistant Professor Non Linear Dynamics... View Profile

Dr R. A. J. R. Sheeba

Assistant Professor X-Ray Crystallography ... View Profile